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Cyclone Pam update

March 23, 2015

Two helicopters sent from Garden City Helicopters, Christchurch New Zealand have arrived in Vanuatu and are providing huge relief to our team who have been working tirelessly since Cyclone Pam tore through the islands last week.

These helicopters - an AS350BA Squirrel and BK 117-B2 offer much more capacity in terms of carrying people for medical evacuations and dropping aid workers into much needed areas. They also have greater lifting capacity for moving heavy items and helping to restore broken down communication towers.

On Friday we flew the UN, ADRA and World Health Organisation to Tongariki, Buninga, Makura and Mataso Islands while also delivering medical supplies and water. The general concern around the region is the spread of infection.


Mataso Island was devastated with one fatality and 12 people injured.  The majority of the injuries were caused by flying debris after rising sea levels entered homes and forced occupants outside in an effort to flee to higher ground.

Three people were flown to hospital over the weekend with dozens of others being evacuated by boat.

We are now delivering satellite phones to outlying islands - Anatom, Aniwa, and Futuna Islands. There is grave concern for these areas as none have been reached since the cyclone hit.



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