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Cyclone Pam update #6 from Vanuatu Helicopters

March 26, 2015

The latest assessment and concerns from our team in Vanuatu is the continued lack of ability to distribute aid (food, water, medical supplies and equipment) in an efficient timely manner.

Food has gone out on the barges to many Islands but the barges cannot land on the beach.

Normally the village (Banana) boats would go out to take food off the barge, but most Islands Banana boats have either blown away, are destroyed or they are out of fuel.
We have been running fuel out in the Helicopters today to them.
With no roads on many Islands, or road blockages it can take a day to get one 25kg bag of rice to one village on one Island.
Helicopters can serve 7 villages an hour by flying out to barges and lifting bags off at each Island, taking at least 5 to 600 kgs to each village at a time.

More helicopter flying hours are critical.  Funds need to be raised in order to pay for the flying hours.

If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

A crowdfunding site has been set up to try and raise more funds to continue supplying the remote villages of Vanuatu which have been forgotten about by the big Aid agencies.
Please follow this link and share amongst your colleagues and friends.


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