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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long do the Scenic flights go for?
A. We have a variety of different scenic flights which have different durations in time. Taste of Vila by helicopter is 7 minutes, Waterfront Spectacular goes for 12 minutes, Best of Efate and the Jungle Canyon both go for 20 minutes.

Q.What is the best time for a helicopter flight?
A. The best time for a helicopter flight is generally morning but we still fly in the afternoon.

Q.Do you fly at night?
A. We do not fly at night in Vanuatu.

Q.Do you fly and see clearly in overcast weather?
A. Sometimes the view is better on a cloudy day, there can be less glare on the water enabling us to see deeper in to the reefs.

Q.How many passengers does the helicopter seat?
A. All our flights have a minimum of 2 passengers. The small R44 helicopter seats 3 passengers and our bigger R66 helicopter seats 4 passengers.

Q.Are there any weight restrictions for the helicopter?
A. Yes, the helicopter has a seat restriction of 130kg per seat.

Q.Is there an age restriction?
A. No, there are no age restrictions; we fly with babies on board. If you need help getting in and out of the helicopter, the pilot and the crew are there to help you out. We use a lap belt in the helicopter when we have a child under the age of 4 which goes around whoever is carrying the child.

Q.Can you communicate with other passengers in the helicopter?
A. We provide headsets in the helicopter so that everyone can have a conversation. The pilot gives you a commentary during all the flights or you can just enjoy the music and snap away.

Q.Do you land on any of your scenic flights?
A. We do not land on our scenic flights. We only land on our fine dining packages at selected resorts where we drop off our clients for lunch.

Q.Can you take photos in the helicopter?
A. Yes, bring a camera with you and take lots of amazing photos of the harbour, blue waters, dense jungle and other spectacular scenery.

Q.If I am stuck on an island in Vanuatu, do you provide charters? What are your rates?
A. We fly anywhere in Vanuatu. You can charter one of our 2 helicopters. Our charter rates starts from (R44) 120,000 vatu/ plus VAT per hour or (R66) 140,000 vatu/ plus VAT per hour. Talk to one of our staff for more information.

Q.We will be staying at Havannah Resort, do you do airport transfers?
A. Yes we do resort transfers to all major resorts.

Q.Can you pick up from resorts with the helicopter if I want to do a scenic flight?
A. We only operate from a few resorts in town, although we charge extra to fly in and pick up and drop off, you can enquire with the hotel or resort.


Q.Do you offer land pickups & drop-offs at resorts around Port Vila?
A. No unfortunately due to regulations in the law, we are not able to provide this service.

Q.Do you fly over the volcano?
A. Yes, we fly over Ambrym Volcano which is situated in the northern part of the country.

Q.Where is the helicopter located?
A. Our office is located right in town by the seawall at the Nambawan café building. We operate on a floating pontoon right in the harbour. You also get to have a glass bottom boat tour out to the pontoon for your helicopter flight.

Q.Are bookings essential?
A. Booking are a must! You can book through resorts or direct through our web page. Bookings can be made a day before or on the morning, if you are here in Vanuatu. Every resort has a concierge; you can find out more about us. Call us on Phone: +678 25022 or after hours Mobile: +678 77 44106.

Q.Do you provide gift vouchers?
A. Talk to one of our friendly staff and get a gift voucher for your loved ones.

Q.Is there any group discount?
A. Talk to us directly and we may be able to work something out for you.

Q.What rules and regulations does the helicopter abide by?
A. We abide by the Vanuatu Civil Aviation Authority which has the exact same rules as New Zealand Civil Aviation.

Q.Is the helicopter available for search and rescue?
A. Yes we can be chartered for search and rescue.

Q.Can you still make a booking when the cruise ship is in town?
A. Booking is essential, especially when the cruise ship is in Port Vila. We are normally busy on the day but can still fit flights into our schedule to keep everyone happy.

Q.Do you see dugongs and turtles on every flight?
A. On our flights you may spot dugongs lazing around the waters of town and the Eratap lagoons. Moso Island and Lelepa Island you can guarantee heaps of turtles and sometimes dugongs swimming in the beautiful azure water.

Q.Why do we have to wear a life jacket in the helicopter?
A. You are required to by VCAA law to wear a life jacket when you do a helicopter flight over water in Vanuatu, most of our flights are over water. The life jackets are not bulky and you soon forget you have it on. There is an inflation device which you pull to inflate the jacket in the unlikely event of an emergency. Only to be inflated once you have exited the helicopter.

Q.What’s the baggage allowance?
A. 15kg.

Q.Do you operate scheduled flights?
A. All flights are on a charter basis. We fly when you want to go.

Q.What are the requirements to secure a booking?
A. Full payment must be made at the time of the booking. A $100 fee will be charged if the booking is cancelled after 7 days from the booking date. Cancellations or “no shows” within 48hours of flight time will be charged at full price.

Q.Do we have to fly at a certain time?
A. No, all flights are on demand.

Q.Can you book a flight with just one person?
A. All per person priced flights require a minimum of 2 passengers unless you pay the charter rate.


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